The Love Sprockets

Husband-Wife Mojo Folk Orchestra, Rocking & Rolling
All Around The U.S.A. In Our Skoolie & Looking
To Take Your Ears On A Trip To Happy Town!

Our Story

Drawing from the growling blues-rock of Tom Waits, the high-octane punk-grass of The Devil Makes Three, and the intricate vocal harmonies of The Civil Wars... Husband-Wife duet The Love Sprockets have a sound that “resists classification,” according to Austin Weekly Horn. Songwriter/Multi-Instrumentalists Addison Rice and Jahnavi Newsom met and fell in love in the fall of 2012, and immediately began writing and performing music together. The following summer, the pair released a 10-track demo entitled Stories & Lies, featuring a mix of original songs and high-energy adaptations of traditional folk tunes... Before embarking on a 4-month-long, 2500 mile bicycle trip from their hometown of Brattleboro, Vermont all the way to Austin, Texas. They arrived in Austin in the dead of winter 2014 with their bicycles, their instruments, and their dog, Zoso. (who they pulled behind their bicycles in a carrier the entire way :-) Over the next year, Addison and Jahnavi recruited upright bass-player Aaron Watson, and percussionist/vocalist Pete Van Dyck and in spring 2015, The Love Sprockets crowdfunded, recorded, and released their first studio album: Nobody Wants To Die. Jahnavi and Addison moved to Fort Collins CO, where they recorded their 2019 ablum, Chickadee, and bought a 1990 Bluebird prison bus to convert into a full-time tour bus/tiny home on wheels. In June 2019 they brought their skoolie to Driggs Idaho to finish the conversion and play shows locally. Now you can find them on Marrowstone Island in Washington living in their school bus house with their dog and cat, playing livestreams during the pandemic and dreaming of their next tour... And though their sound continues to evolve (as they incorporate new instruments and one-man-band-style foot percussion into their arrangements)... The music of The Love Sprockets will always be connected by a common thread: The Soulful and Lyrical Exploration of The Human Experience.


released April 24, 2015

Our first studio album, written on our 2013 four-month cross country bicycle trip, and recorded in Austin, Texas in late 2014.


released March 3, 2019

On November 16th, 2016, our daughter Chickadee was stillborn after nine months of healthy pregnancy. Her feet never touched the ground.
The tears we shed yesterday have become life-giving rain, and these songs are the flowers that have bloomed from the depths of our grief. We offer this bouquet of flowers to Chickadee and to you. For those of you who are grieving the loss of a loved one, know that you are not alone.

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We used to go on tour every year in our Subaru Impreza, with our dog Zoso perched atop amps and instrument cases in the back. We would always have to find someone to sublet our place while we were on the road, to help lower our overhead and to keep our cat, Shiva, company

After months on the road we would find ourselves feeling sleep deprived from crashing on couches or sleeping in hotels (or in seven year old girl’s beds amidst teddy bears and glittery pillows)… …and our health would be compromised from weeks of junk food and eating out, not to mention feeling stiff and flabby from hours and hours of sitting. In the year 2017, after losing our daughter, we began to rethink our lives completely. A dream took form in our minds’ eyes, and we began to discuss an alternative way of living… What if we could take our pets on tour with us? What if we always had our comfy, king sized bed to sleep in every night? What if we could cook for ourselves and maintain a healthy diet while touring? And how about being able to bring ALL of our instruments and musical equipment with us, instead of having to pick and choose what would fit in the back of our car? Oh, and could we also bring kettle bells and have space to roll out a yoga mat and stretch whenever we needed to? Skoolie bus homes started to look REAL appealing to us…