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    Jahnavi’s first band (involving impersonating a man and an exuberant guitarist) 😄
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    Question For You: Do you... a) live in Colorado or Central Texas (within 100 miles of Austin)? and do you: b) have access to a nice front yard, backyard, courtyard, living room, common house, gazebo, church, community space, ballroom or barn that could fit 20 people or more? AND... most importantly, do you: c) have any interest in getting 20 or so of your friends together for an intimate house concert experience? See, we’re playing at SXSW this year... and seeing how we’ll be driving 20+ hours to be there, we thought it’d be cool to set up a few more shows... And house concerts are our favorite! So if you’re interested in teaming up for one, just comment below or send us a message and we’ll figure out a time to chat about it 🙂 Now, if your immediate response to this idea is anything like: “I would love to, but I don't know if I can afford y’all’s fee”... ...don’tcha worry now. we do our house concerts entirely by donation (unless you and your friends prefer to pay a set “ticket price”. some folks like structure & I appreciate that.) and if you’re worried about PA's & amps & sound gear & whatnot - don’t sweat it. We’ll bring everything we need to prepare, Flambé, and serve up a Delightfully Zestful Feast For The Ears. all we ask is that you follow a few directions we give you for getting people excited about the event... help us set up the space on the day of... Then sit back and enjoy the show! (and afterwards, make sure everyone knows where to find the donation jar 😉 if that sounds like something you’d be into, let’s talk. just comment below or send us a message, and we'll connect 🙂 that is all. rockon, Addison p.s. share this post on your wall if you've got awesome friends who might be up for rockin' a show at their place! p.p.s. heck, if you have someone in particular in mind, go ahead and tag them in the comments 🙂 you rock!
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    Everyone has their own approach to meditation. Some sit on a cushion, others in a chair, and others simply sprawl out on the floor and use the cushion to brace their head against.
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    Every morning after meditation, we read from a book of Buddhist teachings (these days Addison reads while Jahnavi recovers from her brain injury relapse). Right now we are reading The Secret Oral Teachings in Tibetan Buddhist Sects, which makes our brains work overtime! Feeling thankful to have these peaceful mornings together.
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    We upgraded our foot percussion kit—new tambourine and foot pedal combo. It sounds great and will allow us to play the beat more steadily and have more stamina (without the pedal on the tambo our leg muscles would wear out so fast). Got any new gear you’re excited about??
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    Addison is working on his first novel, while Zoso keeps watch
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    Jahnavi in 2009, during a costume party whose theme is unclear
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    Addison's getting ready to lay down some violina (5string viola) tracks on our micro studio rig 🙂 #tascam #vintage #vintagemicrophone
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    She’s been raised!!!
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    Colorado Sprockets
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    Father and son
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    Walking on water