Who are The Love Sprockets?

Mojo Folk Gypsies from Fort Collins, Colorado

KUTX Music Minute says:

Jahnavi and Addison, founding members of The Love Sprockets and Mojo Folk masters, made their way to Austin from Vermont in 2013 with little more than their bicycles and the tools of their trade – mandolin, fiddle, ukulele, and harmonica. They’d spun quite a few new tunes along the way, and when they arrived to their destination, it didn’t take long for them to meet bassist Aaron Watson and drummer/vocalist Pete Van Dyck to get the ball rolling. The Love Sprockets pour heart and soul into a high-energy whirlwind of original bluegrass, gospel, blues and folk songs.

Austin Live Weekly at The Horn says:

These Austin troubadours resist classification. They’re sort of bluegrass, sort of soul, sort of indie rock, sort of folk, but really awesome. They rock mandolins and harps and ukes, bringing an intensity from their instruments heretofore unheard of. If you can’t make their show, then you should at least do whatever you can to hear their record, Nobody Wants to Die, because it’s one of the best local releases of the year.


Drawing from the growling blues-rock of Tom Waits, the high- octane punk-grass of The Devil Makes Three, and the intricate vocal harmonies of The Civil Wars…Husband-Wife duet The Love Sprockets have a sound that “resists classification,” according to Austin Weekly Horn.Songwriter/Multi-Instrumentalists Addison Rice and Jahnavi Newsom met and fell in love in the fall of 2012, and immediately began writing and performing music together. The following summer, the pair released a 10-track demo entitled Stories & Lies, featuring a mix of original songs and high-energy adaptations of traditional folk tunes… Before embarking on a 4-month-long, 2500 mile bicycle trip from their hometown of Brattleboro, Vermont all the way to Austin, Texas.They arrived in Austin in the dead of winter 2014 with their bicycles, their instruments, and their dog, Zoso. (who they pulled behind their bicycles in a carrier the entire way 🙂

Over the next year, Addison and Jahnavi recruited upright bass- player Aaron Watson, and percussionist/vocalist Pete Van Dyck and in spring 2015, The Love Sprockets crowdfunded, recorded, and released their first studio album: Nobody Wants To Die.Now Jahnavi and Addison live together in Fort Collins CO, where they recorded their newest release, Chickadee, and are currently funding a gypsy school bus touring home with Yellow Chrome in Denver CO!And though their sound continues to evolve (as they incorporate new instruments and one-man-band-style foot percussion into their arrangements)…The music of The Love Sprockets will always be connected by a common thread:The Soulful and Lyrical Exploration of The Human Experience.

The Love Sprockets play Bluegrass, Soul, Gospel, Blues, and Rock music with Folk instruments and intricate vocal melodies. No matter what realm of auditory exploration they find themselves in, the focus of their writing and performing is to bring the listener on a journey, tell a story, and explore some of the many aspects of what it is to be human. Upon hearing The Love Sprockets’ music, you may find yourself contemplating things such as your life’s purpose, the end of the world, love, death, roadkill, and the mysterious forces which make up the Universe.